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ИЗРАЕЛСКИ УДАРКИ на градот Газа: Што навистина се случува на теренот

- Early Monday, Israeli forces initiated a series of assaults on Rafah, a city located at the southern frontier of the Gaza Strip. Rafah is densely populated with 1.4 million Palestinians seeking refuge from continuous conflict and is situated adjacent to the Egyptian border. These strikes are happening amidst indications that Israel may soon extend its ground offensive to target Rafah specifically.

The White House had cautioned against such an operation without a solid and implementable plan to shield civilians. This message was conveyed by President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their discussion on Sunday. The Israeli military confirmed that they targeted “terror hotspots in Shaboura,” a district within Rafah, but did not disclose further details about potential damage or casualties suffered.

Biden’s recent comments mark his most forceful stance yet regarding the potential operation in Gaza. He has demanded “immediate and specific” measures to bolster humanitarian aid following his critique of Israel’s military response as being excessively aggressive. Talks about a possible cease-fire agreement were central to Biden and Netanyahu’s 45-minute call.

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