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IVEY ГО БАРА Конгресот: Дајте приоритет на сајбер безбедноста, НЕ отповикување

- Ivey has publicly reprimanded Congress for their lack of attention towards the escalating cyberattack threats on our communication infrastructure. He argues that the Homeland Security Committee should have been concentrating on these pressing issues rather than wasting time on Mayorkas’ impeachment.

As nations such as Russia, China, and Iran are ramping up their cyber prowess, America is falling behind in readiness. Ivey stressed that Congress needs to divert its attention from investigations and impeachments to safeguarding the nation.

Ivey also emphasized the necessity for a thorough evaluation of potential threats, particularly those incorporating AI capabilities. He called upon both commercial and governmental providers to comprehend these threats, prepare for them in a unified way and ensure they are adequately resourced.

In Ivey’s view, America is currently not doing enough in this area. His remarks highlighted an urgent plea for heightened concentration and action on national cybersecurity issues.

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